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Everything You Need To Know About RMDs

Most retirement planning focuses on putting money into your account, but at some point, you will need to take that money out. Distributions are an important part of your retirement income strategy, and understanding how to make them work best for you will help you optimize your financial playbook.  One type of distribution you will…
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How To Protect Yourself Against Scammers In Retirement

Scammers steal more than $3 billion from retirees each year. The median retirement savings for all workers is $97,000, according to Annuity. That’s a big cash incentive for scammers to target.   Use our guide below to prevent yourself from being added to these scammer statistics. Current Scams Targeted Towards Retirees Scammers love to use fear…
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3 Smart Ways Retirees Can Avoid the Gift Tax

‘Tis the season for giving!  Being generous with your wealth is an impactful way to support what matters most. But you don’t want your generosity to spur a considerable tax bill. Gift giving can be unexpectedly complex, with several essential rules you’ll want to know before buying that next “big” present.  Let’s break down what…
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How Do You Find Your Risk Tolerance? And Why It Matters Throughout Your Life

When you hear the word “risk,” are you filled with excitement or overcome with dread? Do your shoulders tense up? Or are you see a spark of opportunity?  Your risk profile is critical for building a long-term investment strategy that helps you reach your goals, even with unsteady market activity. In this article, we provide…
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Bland Burhardt

Fall 2022: A Course on Retirement Wealth Management

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Please consider attending our upcoming course on Retirement Wealth Management in Greenville, SC at Furman University. In this course, we will discuss dozens of important retirement wealth management ideas. Investment ideas include ways to build low-cost, diversified portfolios that produce income and growth. Tax ideas include ways to reduce taxes on distributions from 401(k)s and…
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3 Kind Ways To Financially Support Your Grandchild’s Education

One of the best ways to support your grandchildren is by investing in their education. With rising education costs, it’s never too early to start thinking about your grandchild’s future.  Here are 3 easy ways to give your grandkids the gift of education.  1. Cash Gifts The most straightforward way to fund your grandchild’s education…
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