Estate & Legacy Plan

Estate and Legacy Planning

How do you envision your legacy? Proper Estate & Legacy Planning can help answer this critical question. It can also uncover the many components of a comprehensive Estate & Legacy Plan. While some components are financial and others are non-financial, all are important to address sooner than later.

We understand that Estate & Legacy Plans are often difficult to discuss with a family member and are tempting to postpone. However, if these matters are postponed until estate and legacy issues become critical, it may be too late to make important decisions. We want to help protect our clients wherever possible, and it starts with discussing these essential topics:

Estate Planning Documents
Organizing and reviewing your estate planning documents is the first step in putting together a clear and comprehensive Estate & Legacy Plan. As part of this process, we will work with you to ensure that your wills, trusts, powers of attorney and other estate documents are in good order. At the same time, we can discuss your wealth transfer goals, beneficiary designations and other important details. We can even coordinate document preparation with an estate attorney as needed.
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Long-Term Care & Protection
It’s no secret that we’re living longer and longer, thanks in part to preventative healthcare and modern medicine, but how do you put a plan in place that covers the cost of care for you and your loved ones throughout the duration of your retirement? We’ll discuss the long-term care and protection options available to you today, whether it relates to senior housing, aging in place, home health care, assisted living or a number of other long-term care solutions.
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Insurance & Risk Management
Your insurance needs change over time. That’s because, as you enter new stages of life, you face different sorts of risks. We can prepare an insurance and risk management analysis to make sure you have age-appropriate coverage. Because we don’t sell insurance (or any other products, for that matter), you can rest easy knowing that our recommendations and advice is based on your interests, not ours.
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College Planning
The cost of college is far outpacing the normal rate of inflation, so it’s more important than ever to begin your college savings early. Whether you wish to pay for a portion or all of your children’s, grandchildren’s or other family members’ higher education, we can work with you to set goals and advise you on an investment strategy based on your beneficiaries’ age. We can also consider 529 college savings and prepaid tuition plans.
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Sounding Board for Family & Friends
Sometimes it helps to have an objective opinion from an outside source. To this end, we have been pleased to get to know our clients – both professionally and personally – and have acted as a sounding board for their family members and close friends over the years. These “Family and Friends” sessions are available to non-clients and simply intended to educate those in attendance on everything from retirement savings goals, education goals, debt management and a number of other financial planning topics.
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