Dant Goepper

Dant Goepper

Founder 1946-2022

Dant Goepper began his career in financial services in 1970.

He founded Goepper Burkhardt in 2001 with his partner, Bland Burkhardt.  Dant was the Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of Trust Company of the South, a state-chartered trust bank. Before Trust Company of the South, he was President of Goepper Financial Advisors, Inc. an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

Dant studied English language education at East Carolina (in those days a teacher’s college) and the College of Teachers at the University of London. He earned a teaching certificate in English as a Second Language and a graduate diploma in English Language Education. He later earned a teaching certificate in Adult Education. Dant loved teaching personal finance to adult learners. Dant set an example of professionalism, service, and personal interest at GBRWM that continues to this day.


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