Your Medicare Open Enrollment Checklist

  Medicare, Medicare Open Enrollment
Medicare is one of the best ways for people to receive healthcare coverage in retirement.  Medicare is typically divided into several different parts, including:  Part A and B, known as Original Medicare Part D, which helps cover prescription drugs Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage, which is a private insurance option that offers Medicare…
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What Does It Mean to “Pre-Fund” Long-Term Care Costs?

Unexpected long-term care needs can be financially, physically, and emotionally draining.  70% of people aged 65 and older will need some type of long-term care during their lifetime. Are you prepared?  Don’t let yourself or your loved ones be placed at risk by abrupt health needs. Planning for these care costs in advance can save…
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How To Protect Yourself Against Scammers In Retirement

Scammers steal more than $3 billion from retirees each year. The median retirement savings for all workers is $97,000, according to Annuity. That’s a big cash incentive for scammers to target.   Use our guide below to prevent yourself from being added to these scammer statistics. Current Scams Targeted Towards Retirees Scammers love to use fear…
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The Top Social Security and Medicare Changes in 2021

Few programs impact your retirement quite like Social Security and Medicare, making any changes crucial financial planning information. The Social Security Administration (SSA) recently communicated updates and expectations for beneficiaries heading into 2021. Today, our team will outline the top changes that could influence your plan.  Beneficiaries can expect a raise. Most retirement income channels…
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How To Find The Right Part D Plan For You

It’s no secret that prescription drugs are expensive and that the United States incurs some of the largest pharmaceutical spending in the world. It’s estimated that US consumers spend upwards of $500 billion each year on drug costs. For many years, retirees bore the brunt of these costs as Medicare didn’t have a prescription drug…
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Is A Medicare Advantage Plan Right For You?

Original Medicare won’t cover all of your medical expenses. AARP estimates that nearly 90% of beneficiaries enroll in some type of supplemental coverage to round out their health plan and keep expenses at bay. There are two options for additional coverage: Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) Medigap Plan (Supplement Plan) Today, we are going to…
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What Do You Need To Know About Medicare?

Healthcare planning is among the most vital aspects of a well-rounded retirement plan. With current retirees expecting to spend upwards of $295,000 in medical costs alone throughout retirement (excluding long-term care), understanding your health coverage becomes more important than ever to stretch your savings and promote a happy, healthy retirement lifestyle.  Medicare is an essential…
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