4 Reasons Your Retirement Plan Benefits From A Fee-Only Advisor

A fee-only advisor can help you manage your assets and plan for retirement. 

While no individual or firm is free of bias, fee-only advisors seek to limit and disclose potential conflicts and have a legal obligation to put their beneficiary’s needs above their own, otherwise known as a fiduciary duty. This means that you can trust their advice about serious issues like long-term financial planning.

When planning for retirement, it’s critical to select an advisor who has your best interests at heart, and that’s just what you’ll get with a fee-only, fiduciary advisor.

Why choose a fee-only advisor?

1. Fewer Conflicts of Interest

It’s essential to understand how a financial advisor is compensated.  Financial advisors tend to have three basic payment models.

  • Commissions
  • Commissions & fees
  • Fee-only

Goepper Burkhardt has been a fee-only RIA since its inception.  We earn no commissions on products, services, or recommendations. This allows us to serve you to the best of our ability, and you can rest assured that our recommendations are designed to help you succeed, not to line our own pockets. Regardless of an advisor’s compensation method, transparency is most important.

2. Putting Advice First

Our fee-only structure focus’ on advice.  We take every aspect of your finances into account. Instead of focusing solely on investments, comprehensive planning also considers your taxes, cash flow, estate, lifestyle, and spending into account. 

We are passionate about holistic financial planning because it can help you to protect your savings and ensure a stress-free retirement. 

Retirement planning is like a 1,000 piece puzzle—there are so many moving pieces to keep track of, from investments to taxes to estate planning to health care to income planning to lifestyle planning and more. Our financial planning services work to ensure that no area of your finances is ignored when it comes to your long-term plans.

3. Establishes a foundation of trust

Trust, transparency, and honesty are key when it comes to financial advice. Working with a fiduciary advisor can give you more confidence in your financial plan. It can also help you establish a stronger relationship with your advisor since they have your best interests at heart..

A strong foundation of trust and transparency can also help your financial advisor serve you better. Knowing your hopes, dreams, goals, and priorities for the future can help us to build a plan that’s custom-made for your needs. No matter what your retirement dreams are, working with a fiduciary advisor is a great way to make a plan to attain them.

4. Helps you move into retirement with confidence

Retirement can be an exciting time when all your hard work pays off, but it can also be a transition that’s accompanied by stress and uncertainty, especially if you don’t have a clear financial plan. It’s our goal to help you live the retirement you’ve always dreamed of, which starts with a customized retirement plan that meets your needs.

We take our fiduciary responsibility seriously and work to create a plan that uses your financial resources in a way that’s true to you. No matter how you plan to spend retirement, we can work with you to make your dreams a reality. Navigating this transition isn’t easy, but having a trusted professional in your corner can help.

As fiduciaries, we work for you

Working with a fee-only advisor is one of the best ways to ensure that the financial advice you receive is professional and unbiased. Because fiduciary advisors are legally obligated to put your needs first, you can be confident that the advice you receive is designed to help you succeed.

Our mission is to provide fee-only financial planning and wealth management based on the fiduciary standard of care. We’re committed to helping our customers increase the longevity of their retirement income and achieve their retirement dreams. If you’re nearing retirement and are looking to come up with a financial plan, we’d love to help.

Website Meta Description: A fiduciary advisor has a legal duty to put their beneficiary’s needs above their own, so you can have confidence that your fiduciary advisor will make the best financial decisions on your behalf.

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