Comprehensive Financial Planning

The Difference In Comprehensive Financial Planning

Financial planning is a diverse field.  It uses economics, finance, law, communication, psychology, and so much more to help promote balance, independence, security, and joy in one’s financial and personal life.

Sometimes financial planning engagements take the form of a short project, an event, or an answer to an important question related to one or more of these important areas.  We view comprehensive financial planning as a process and not an event. It is not a notebook created by a financial professional that is taken home and put on a shelf. It is an ongoing lifelong process of adjusting to the complexities and uncertainties of life.

What is Comprehensive Planning?

Comprehensive financial planning is a collaborative effort to understand your goals, resources and identify a household risk management plan the offers a high probability for successfully meeting your retirement and legacy goals.  

Long-term financial planning is inexact and subject to unexpected changes, including, but not limited to, forward-looking inflation, interest rates, investment returns, discount rates, and other assumptions used throughout the plan.  

Markets are not predictable, results are uncertain, and performance cannot be guaranteed. Unforeseen life events can impact goals and priorities. Many things that we cannot control, can and will affect the plan. These items will require ongoing adjustments in the future.  That’s the value of the process of comprehensive financial planning, adjusting to the future not predicting it.

Retirement is the single biggest financial decision of most people’s lives.  A comprehensive strategy from a trusted advisor can help relieve some of that anxiety. Sometimes retirement can feel like an old puzzle: some of the pieces are worn and don’t easily fit together. The process can be complicated and frustrating, but we have specifically designed a system that makes that old puzzle new again and helps you fit the pieces together.

Why Choose Comprehensive Planning?

With retirement being one of the biggest financial decisions, it is also one of life’s biggest changes. We understand the magnitude of such a change and the many responsibilities that come with it.  Comprehensive financial planning is about having not only a map for the journey, but also a guide. If you are nearing retirement and are starting to find yourself lost in unfamiliar territory, give us a call. Our team would love to help you design the future of your retirement and guide you toward your goals. We are here for whatever you plan to retire to.

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