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What Are The Best Housing Options For Retirees In Greenville, SC?

Greenville, South Carolina has been among the most popular retirement spots in the country for many years. Retirees are flocking here for its small-town charm, a lower rate of income taxes, and its proximity to other high-traffic areas like Myrtle Beach, Charleston, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

Perhaps you have lived in Greenville for most of your life, or maybe you are a new transplant. Either way, you will be able to find the type of retirement lifestyle you are looking for at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, nestled among waterfalls and scenic trails.

Now that you have decided to live in Greenville, it’s time to find the right neighborhood and community for you to put down roots. But with so many great options available to you, how can you decide?

I have put together a list of a few places for retirees to consider living in Greenville. I hope that this list helps you in your search for the perfect place to call home.

The Area

Retirees have to look at many factors before deciding on the perfect place to live. Greenville has reached the top of the list for many due to the overall population, taxes, health care, and amenities it can offer them. Let’s look at Greenville from a glance.

Keller Williams Realty estimates that Greenville area has a population of just under 500,000 people with the median age being 37. There is quick access to two reputable hospitals, Bon Secours St. Francis and the Greenville Hospital System (Prisma Health) which is great for retirees.

You almost can’t get better weather in Greenville as the average annual temperature is 61 degrees Fahrenheit. With the average monthly maximum temperature at 72 and the monthly minimum at 50, residents can expect a temperate and comfortable climate.

Retirees will love that there is no state tax on Social Security and the average cost of living is 7% less than the rest of the country, making it an economically safe option.

The Numbers

Despite the popularity of the area, real estate prices have remained relatively stable. According to a 2019 Zillow report, the Home Value Index for Greenville is $186,900. The NAR gives the median sale price of a home in the latter half of 2018 reaching $231,000. These prices will shift depending on the neighborhood you choose to live in.

If you are not looking to buy, but would rather rent when you retire you should know that RentCafe estimated that the average price of renting an apartment in Greenville in 2018 was $1,106. That is an increase of 3% from 2017 where the average cost came to $1,074.

Understanding the numbers will help you plan out your retirement budget and give you a better sense of what you can expect to spend on housing in retirement.

The Neighborhoods

Greenville boasts beautiful trails and incorporates immense greenery into its small space. With an emphasis on walkability, the presence of many universities, and booming local businesses, it is a great place for people to live out their retirement dreams.

There are many neighborhoods to choose from in Greenville, each offering their own unique flare. Your priorities should help inform your choice about the best option for you. Here is a list of a few great neighborhoods in Greenville to help start your search.


Why veer from the heart of it all, when you can live downtown! Downtown Greenville is quite lovely with many parks, businesses, restaurants, and entertainment options available to residents. By living downtown you would have access to the stunning 30-foot waterfalls that decorate Liberty Bridge at Falls Park, one of Greenville’s top attractions.

Augusta Road

The Augusta Road area is perfect for people who want to be close to the action without the burden of the noise and high traffic of downtown. It is just a quick drive to downtown and also has quick access to the highway. One of Greenville’s oldest neighborhoods, Augusta offers residents many options for shops, restaurants, and entertainment.

Roper Mountain Road Area

Roper Mountain is known for being a family-driven area so you will see many new families moving into this neighborhood. It is close to the Roper Mountain Science Center and the Daniel Observatory.

The Village of West Greenville

You don’t have to move to New York City to live in the Village. This cute part of Greenville has seen a resurgence in recent years and offers residents many options for shopping and dining. In this side of town, you will see many lofts, apartments, and townhomes.

West End

Then this neighborhood dating back to the 1830s will be a great option for you. The Historic District harkens back to Greenville’s days as a textile powerhouse and today displays that history with many arts and cultural displays and events.

As you can see, there are so many areas for you to find your perfect home. These are just a few or many great neighborhoods.  Greenville is a wonderful place to live and I hope that my team and I can help make you feel welcome in your new home. If you would like to talk about your retirement plan, give us a call!

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